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Ski Walking and Ski Bounding Video

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Dressed for Success

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It is the evening before the big meet and you are scrambling around the house looking for that right hand glove that you wore at practice three days ago. In your search your mind begins to wander and you ask yourself, “How do I know that I have everything I need to be a successful nordic ski racer at tomorrow’s race?” What a great question to ask. Let me share with you my strategy for being ready for the next day’s events. The system that works best for me is the the floor layout.

Here is how it works. Think of all the different things that you need to accomplish during the day and what is needed to accomplish them. Then find a clean area on a floor close to your gear. Layout your stuff as if you were dressing a manikin that is laying on the floor. Start with the feet and work your way up to your head. For an away ski meet involving a bus trip I would make three separate clothing figures. You need clothing for the bus ride there and back, clothing for warm-up and racing and clothing for being out on the trail cheering.

Once all of your gear is laid out you should also think of food and water. When will you eat? What should you bring? What is available at the event? Prepare that the afternoon or evening before and you can be nice and relaxed in the morning as you take your gear to the bus, confident that you have everything you need to be dressed for success.

For those of you who like lists here is a sample list to get you started:

Warm-up and race clothing
Ski Boots
Long Underwear Bottoms
Wind Briefs for boys
Race Suit Bottom
Warm-up Pants
Long Underwear Top
Race Suit Top
Fleece Jacket
Ski Jacket
Gloves, Race and Warm-up
Buff or neck warmer

After Race on the Trail Cheering Clothing (To change into after racing)
Clean Socks
Winter Boots (Super important!!!!)
Clean and dry Long Underwear bottoms
Warm-up Ski Pants
Clean and dry Long Underwear Top
Insulating Layer, fleece
Warm Jacket
Warm Gloves
Warm and dry hat

Bus Clothing
Comfortable yet warm clothes
Warm Jacket for those buses with poor heaters
School work

Food and Drink
2 liters of water
Healthy real food, avoiding anything that is pre-packaged.

Drink Up!

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Green Smoothies
If you’d like to get a leg up on your competition this year, there are a handful of things you should do before you even grab your skis and head out to the trail. To start with, you need to get at least eight hours of sleep (ten hours is better yet). Also, it is imperative that you’ve got a water bottle with you throughout the day so you can get down the 40 or so ounces of water the body demands (even more after races or hard workouts). Your performance decreases SIGNIFICANTLY if you are even slightly dehydrated.

For those of you super serious about eating right, stay away from anything that comes in a package. The less processed food you eat, the better. Most of you have seen me walking around with my green smoothie, the green goop pictured at the top of this entry. This blended drink contains the following ingredients: approximately one quart of water, 4-5 stalks of kale, 4-5 stalks of Swiss chard, one bunch of spinach, a quarter head of romaine lettuce, three stalks of celery, flax seed and one lemon. For those of you still reading, add a banana if you are serious about making your own green smoothie because it will sweeten it up considerably. This concoction adds up to two quarts of healthy food. I drink one of these per day and I rarely get sick or run down. Plus, it is impossible to eat this amount of greens day in and day out.
* It is best to use a Vita mix or Blend tech blender to pull off this feat.
To your health,
Mr. KJ

Ski Erg!

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Cody on the Marshall ErgThanks to the generosity of amazing parents and the leadership of Kelly Coughlan, Marshall Nordic now has a brand new Concept 2 Ski Erg. The Marshall Erg will be located in Mr. DJ’s room D110 until the start of ski season. After that the Erg will be placed in it’s new home the Marshall Nordic Team / Wax Room. (look for a post soon on this exciting new space!) All members of Marshall Nordic are invited to check out the erg! It will soon become your best friend and the key to improved performance.

Nick on the Erg!

DXC Summer Training Program

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Just a reminder, if you are interested in training with DXC again this summer, now is the time to register. Your early registration helps us assign our coaching staff.
New for 2010:
  • Afternoon times are now 4-6pm 2 days, 4-7pm 2 days
  • There will be 2 afternoon rollerski days each week
  • Program is open to skiers ages 12 to 21 – a great way to continue training w/a group if you will continue skiing at college
  • Will be more variety in training locations
  • Coaching: Andre’ will be back plus we have several highly qualified coaches waiting to find out if we need them or not (depends on how many skiers we end up with). Hint: you’ve already worked with 3 of these guys, and new possibilities include a world team biathlete and a CXC elite team racer.
Training Starts June 14th, runs through Aug 6th.
Mornings: Mon,Wed Thur 7am-9am
Afternoons: Mon,Tues,Wed,Thur, 4pm-6pm/7pm
If you planning to train with us, but havn’t had a chance to send your forms in, please reply to this email so I can try and get a full count.
Thanks! Email the club at

April 2010 Workout Schedule

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For members of Marshall Nordic not participating in a spring sport or a training plan through MN Biathlon, please consider following the CXC training plan that can be found here:

CXC Training Plan for April

Igor Badamshin from CXC Visits Marshall Nordic

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Marshall Nordic was honored to host CXC Coach Igor Badamshin as our guest coach on Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010. Igo lead a great workshop with the Marshall Nordic Team. Igor had us focusing on skate technique for the afternoon session. The skiers favorite drill was a tie between the leap frog and pull a skier through your legs drill. The coaches especially liked how Igor had the skiers use thera-bands on their legs to work on the leg muscles used in skate skiing.

Thanks for a great day Igor! Link to more pictures of the day

Here is what the CXC Website has to say about Igor’s skiing resume

This year the CXC Junior Development Program will be led by Igor Badamshin. Igor (born 1966) is a former Soviet/Russia cross country ski racer who competed from 1989 to 1997. He won a bronze medal Read the rest of this entry »

Duluth XC Ski Club Summer Training Program

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Register Now for Summer Youth Training Program

Registration Form and Parental Waiver

Rock StrengthRegistration is now open for the 2009 Summer Youth Training program. Coaches Andre Watt, Anders Osthus and Nikolai Anikin, Jr return along with Jenna Dickinson to lead high school aged athletes and recent high school grads in ski-specific strength and endurance, conditioning and rollerskiing. DXC has some rollerskis available to borrow.

The 8 week program begins June 8th and will meet from 5-7pm Monday through Thursday evenings in addition to at least 2 morning sessions per week (to be determined by registration numbers and requests). Participants are welcome to attend as many of the sessions as they

The Little Things

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Tazlina MannixBy: Tazlina Mannix
Salomon Athlete Force, APU Ski Team
First published in Ski Post


November 27 , 2008 Volume 9, Number 1


I hear my coaches say it time and time again,

November 20 Meisinger Yoga Day

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Imagery and visualization