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Ski Walking and Ski Bounding Video

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Marshall Nordic Begins the 2011-2012 Season!

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Attention all Marshall students grades 7-12, you are invited to join the Marshall Nordic Ski team! Our preseason meeting will be held Wednesday, November 2 at 3:15 in the afternoon in Mr. DJ’s room. Practice begins on Monday, November 14 at 3:20 in the upper school commons. Come dressed to run and workout outdoors. Think hat, gloves, long underwear, wind proof coat and pants and good running shoes.

Kara Salmela Guest Coach @ Marshall Nordic

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It was a busy week for the Marshall Nordic Ski Team with Igor Badamshin working with the team on Wednesday and then on Thursday, two time Olympian Kara Salmela coached the girls team for an afternoon workout. Kara worked with the girls on skate techniques that help women maximize their strengths. It was a great afternoon for the girls on the Marshall Nordic Ski Team. Thanks to Kara for being with us!

Photos of the day

A link to Kara’s Olympic Resume

What Makes an Exemplary Nordic Ski Coach?

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Arne RoheimI have been coaching nordic skiing since the ski season of 1990-1991. I have now reached the point where several of my former athletes have become coaches themselves. I currently have two former skiers of mine working with me coaching the next generation of skiers. On my walk home from practice today, I started to reflect on what a beautiful thing it is to watch skiers that you nurtured and cared for now nurturing and caring for the next generation of skiers.

This reflection drew me to think about this craft called coaching. What is it that makes a coach? What are the indicators that show a person is worthy of the honor of being called coach?

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Third Week Of Practice

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With the combined help of Mother Nature and Marshall Nordic skiers with shovels we are proud to announce the opening of our 250 meter classic single track course on the Marshall School football practice field. This means that we can now classic ski at practice! Our plan for the rest of the week is to have a group classic skiing/double polling on the classic course, a group waxing in the trailer and a group ski walking. Read the rest of this entry »

Roller Skiing on Wildwood Drive

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Just a reminder to all members of Marshall Nordic, be sure and remember to bring in all the equipment needed to roller ski at practice. All skiers should have at school a bicycle helmet, gloves, and your ski poles. We are now up to 10 pairs of roller skis that we can use for each practice. Roller skiing will be a valuable addition to our training plan. See you at practice!

Second Week of Practice Notes

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dsc00387.JPGMarshall Nordic started off its second week of practice with a bang! Over 45 student athletes showed up today for practice. Now that we are in the dryland part of our season athletes have a choice of roller skiing, running or working on the exercise bikes. Here are some items of interest for members of Marshall Nordic for this week.
Tuesday after practice (about 5:15 pm) all skiers who need equipment for the season are invited to stay late and look over the team equipment. If you find anything that will work for you, you can borrow it for the season. We currently have several pairs of boots, about 5 pairs of skis and a few poles. Parents with questions about equipment purchases are also welcome to attend.
For Wednesday, November 23, members of Marshall Nordic are invited to stay after school for a strength workout. Please bring a bag lunch from home. We will eat and then begin our workout. Come prepared to rake, shovel, seed and spread mulch. We will have a fun afternoon finishing up the fine work accomplished on this past weekend.

I am really pleased with how practices are going, folks are ready to start right at 3:25, everyone is doing an excellent job of signing up for your workout group and it looks like all are working hard at practice.

Final note: Have you turned in your race and season contract? What questions do you have? Leave me a comment or two

A Few Reminders For Marshall Nordic

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This has been a great first week of practice for the members of Marshall Nordic. I have observed great attitudes, a willingness to work hard and lots of smiles. Here are a few reminders to help you get even more out of practice.


ella-no-shoes.jpgRemember to bring in a bicycle helmet, gloves, and ski poles so that you can roller ski. Each day you will need complete cold weather running gear to include your shoes (ELLA!). Also bring in all your ski equipment in a ski bag so that we can prep it for the upcoming snow!


Have you downloaded the proper workout calendar? Is it in a spot in your house where you can write on it each day after practice to document your attendance? Also turn in your season contract and race contract.

Keep up the great work and we will see you on the trails!

Coach DJ

What to Bring to Dry Land Practice

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Roller SkierDryland Training!

Photo Bruce Adlesman

Ski season has started but we have no snow! What is a ski team to do? Here at Marshall Nordic we will use this time to properly prep our skis for the season ahead, maintain or increase our fitness and strength as well as work on ski technique using roller skis. To make this all happen each member of Marshall Nordic needs to come to practice with the correct equipment. For roller skiing you need your bicycle helmet, gloves, ski poles and if possible NNN style ski boots. For running you will need your good quality running shoes, cold weather running clothes to include a hat, gloves and windproof tops and bottoms. Also bring in all the ski equipment that you have so that we can inspect it, evaluate it and prep it for the upcoming season.

At each practice we will divide into small groups, several for running, one for roller skiing and one to work on our equipment in the wax room. Our goal will be that when the snow hits the ground all members of Marshall Nordic will be ready to fly!

See you at practice!