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1-800-688-7669 – Deb Maki’s ext 8072

Updated on Monday, Feb 3, 2014

Just came from a meeting with John Filander and he is calling a 2 hour delay because of the winds on Thursday.


Race Schedule:

Noon                    Boys Skate Race

12:30 – 12:45     Girls Skate Race

3:00 pm               Boys Classic Pursuit Race

3:45 pm               Girls Classic Pursuit Race

4:45 – 5 pm         All Coaches meet to approve results

5:15 pm               Awards Ceremony
Please read carefully all information sent in this packet.  All coaches are encouraged to visit the MSHSL’s web site for any section/state info.  Section Meet Manager’s Guide is attached to e-mail – gives info for coaches “Navigating MSHSL Web for Coaches”.


Please fully complete in duplicate the 48 hour section entry card.   Send one copy to Deb Maki, P O Box 505, Biwabik, MN  55708 or e-mail to Deb @ address below

All entries should clearly state name, grade, school and gender.

Send your entries to:

Steve Deschene, 170 Linnell Road, Grand Marais, MN   55604

E-mail (preferred method):

            or on-line at


Entries are due before 6:00 pm, Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 2014.

You may make changes until 8:30 am on race day.  At 9:30 am race day, a start list will be given to all coaches.


There will be a race jury.   Giants Ridge requires trail passes if you are skiing the day before – $10.00 @ Chalet front ticketing counter.   Non-participants skiing on race day are also required to have trail passes – $10.00 @ Chalet front desk.


All participating schools are asked to bring 1 warmly dressed ADULT Volunteer to help with running the race (bib removal, etc).  They should meet with Deb Maki @ 8:45 am in the timing bldg.    We will also need a few sharp, quick students to help Steve in timing booth.  Sometimes, student managers help with this.    Let me know if you have someone for Timing booth or working outside.


Payment -   All checks should be made to:  Region 7A – payment must be made at 9:00 am – before bib pick up at coaches meeting

Price – $75.00 per boy’s team, $75.00 per girl’s team or $15.00 per indiv. skier


Results will be posted at or    Meet Manager:  Deb Maki, 1-800-688-7669, ext 8072 or e-mail

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