Marshall Nordic Practice Begins Monday, November 11!

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Marshall Nordic practice begins on Monday!  We will meet in the upper school commons at 3:30, take role, stretch out a bit and then start our work out.  We should be done most days around 5:00pm.
Until we have snow, running will be the main part of the workout.  Come prepared to run outside in the cold.  What does that mean?

 Good quality running shoes
 Wool or poly pro socks
 poly pro long underwear top and bottom
running tights/pants
wind proof jacket
 insulating layer for top…ie vest or thin polar fleece
 stocking cap

To practice you must have your yellow card from the athletic office or be confirmed that all your paperwork is in.  See here for details:

Please make sure you are dressed properly for the workout…skiers dressed poorly for the weather will not be allowed to practice until they have appropriate clothing.

Link to a web page on what to wear for winter running

See you Monday!

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