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Posted by on December 17th 2010 in Team Communication, Training Information

It is the evening before the big meet and you are scrambling around the house looking for that right hand glove that you wore at practice three days ago. In your search your mind begins to wander and you ask yourself, “How do I know that I have everything I need to be a successful nordic ski racer at tomorrow’s race?” What a great question to ask. Let me share with you my strategy for being ready for the next day’s events. The system that works best for me is the the floor layout.

Here is how it works. Think of all the different things that you need to accomplish during the day and what is needed to accomplish them. Then find a clean area on a floor close to your gear. Layout your stuff as if you were dressing a manikin that is laying on the floor. Start with the feet and work your way up to your head. For an away ski meet involving a bus trip I would make three separate clothing figures. You need clothing for the bus ride there and back, clothing for warm-up and racing and clothing for being out on the trail cheering.

Once all of your gear is laid out you should also think of food and water. When will you eat? What should you bring? What is available at the event? Prepare that the afternoon or evening before and you can be nice and relaxed in the morning as you take your gear to the bus, confident that you have everything you need to be dressed for success.

For those of you who like lists here is a sample list to get you started:

Warm-up and race clothing
Ski Boots
Long Underwear Bottoms
Wind Briefs for boys
Race Suit Bottom
Warm-up Pants
Long Underwear Top
Race Suit Top
Fleece Jacket
Ski Jacket
Gloves, Race and Warm-up
Buff or neck warmer

After Race on the Trail Cheering Clothing (To change into after racing)
Clean Socks
Winter Boots (Super important!!!!)
Clean and dry Long Underwear bottoms
Warm-up Ski Pants
Clean and dry Long Underwear Top
Insulating Layer, fleece
Warm Jacket
Warm Gloves
Warm and dry hat

Bus Clothing
Comfortable yet warm clothes
Warm Jacket for those buses with poor heaters
School work

Food and Drink
2 liters of water
Healthy real food, avoiding anything that is pre-packaged.

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