DXC Summer Training Program

Posted by on May 26th 2010 in Training Information
Just a reminder, if you are interested in training with DXC again this summer, now is the time to register. Your early registration helps us assign our coaching staff.
New for 2010:
  • Afternoon times are now 4-6pm 2 days, 4-7pm 2 days
  • There will be 2 afternoon rollerski days each week
  • Program is open to skiers ages 12 to 21 – a great way to continue training w/a group if you will continue skiing at college
  • Will be more variety in training locations
  • Coaching: Andre’ will be back plus we have several highly qualified coaches waiting to find out if we need them or not (depends on how many skiers we end up with). Hint: you’ve already worked with 3 of these guys, and new possibilities include a world team biathlete and a CXC elite team racer.
Training Starts June 14th, runs through Aug 6th.
Mornings: Mon,Wed Thur 7am-9am
Afternoons: Mon,Tues,Wed,Thur, 4pm-6pm/7pm
If you planning to train with us, but havn’t had a chance to send your forms in, please reply to this email so I can try and get a full count.
Thanks! Email the club at info@duluthxc.com
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