Rescheduled 6th Annual Marshall Sprints

Posted by on December 20th 2009 in Marshall Sprints, Races

6th Annual Marshall Sprints Poster

Rescheduled to Friday, Jan 15, 2009

Freestyle Technique!

The 6th Annual Marshall Sprints will be held at the Marshall School in Duluth, Minnesota on Friday, January 15, 2009. The Marshall Sprints features an unique format to guarantee all varsity skiers at least two races for a total just over 4.5 kilometers of racing. All of the sprint racing will start and finish on the school football field. The sprint course averages 15 feet wide, with some sections as wide as 24 feet. The course is safe, fast and exciting. Marshall Sprints Course 2010 It will be a true test of your skier

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Sweet poster!

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