Nordic Bell Week #4

Posted by on January 31st 2009 in Marshall Nordic Bell Award, Team Communication

It has been noted throughout time that passion procures promise. With passion comes a sense of deep commitment and understanding. It is the one common thread that weaves its way through the diverse collection of triumphs in all history. Passion goes beyond interest or involvement, it becomes a way of being. It is easier to catch glimpses of it in our daily lives, and rare to see it in its fullest form.

This year we are fortunate to have the essence of passion embodied in one of our very own Nordic teammates. For this skier, ski season is not bound by any dates on a calendar, practice is not confined to a few hours after school, but rather it is a philosophy, a way of life and her passion is contagious. It is hard for her teammates not to want to focus more or push harder when they see her focus on the trail, in the commons during stretching, or in the way she conducts herself at meets. Speaking on the very topic of passion, philosopher Jim Garrison once said,

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