Second Week of Practice Notes

Posted by on November 19th 2007 in Events, practice, Team Communication

dsc00387.JPGMarshall Nordic started off its second week of practice with a bang! Over 45 student athletes showed up today for practice. Now that we are in the dryland part of our season athletes have a choice of roller skiing, running or working on the exercise bikes. Here are some items of interest for members of Marshall Nordic for this week.
Tuesday after practice (about 5:15 pm) all skiers who need equipment for the season are invited to stay late and look over the team equipment. If you find anything that will work for you, you can borrow it for the season. We currently have several pairs of boots, about 5 pairs of skis and a few poles. Parents with questions about equipment purchases are also welcome to attend.
For Wednesday, November 23, members of Marshall Nordic are invited to stay after school for a strength workout. Please bring a bag lunch from home. We will eat and then begin our workout. Come prepared to rake, shovel, seed and spread mulch. We will have a fun afternoon finishing up the fine work accomplished on this past weekend.

I am really pleased with how practices are going, folks are ready to start right at 3:25, everyone is doing an excellent job of signing up for your workout group and it looks like all are working hard at practice.

Final note: Have you turned in your race and season contract? What questions do you have? Leave me a comment or two

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