What to Bring to Dry Land Practice

Posted by on November 13th 2007 in practice, Team Communication

Roller SkierDryland Training!

Photo Bruce Adlesman

Ski season has started but we have no snow! What is a ski team to do? Here at Marshall Nordic we will use this time to properly prep our skis for the season ahead, maintain or increase our fitness and strength as well as work on ski technique using roller skis. To make this all happen each member of Marshall Nordic needs to come to practice with the correct equipment. For roller skiing you need your bicycle helmet, gloves, ski poles and if possible NNN style ski boots. For running you will need your good quality running shoes, cold weather running clothes to include a hat, gloves and windproof tops and bottoms. Also bring in all the ski equipment that you have so that we can inspect it, evaluate it and prep it for the upcoming season.

At each practice we will divide into small groups, several for running, one for roller skiing and one to work on our equipment in the wax room. Our goal will be that when the snow hits the ground all members of Marshall Nordic will be ready to fly!

See you at practice!

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